Local Businesses

Rattlesnake Barbeque

Located in Dexter, right by the beautiful Dexter Lake, this bbq joint offers up American classics like burgers and pulled pork alongside slightly more experimental items like meat parfaits and steak fries.  They also have a bar next door that hosts a weekly karaoke night and live local bands.

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Just Move Fitness

Don’t let the seemingly small outside appearance of this gym fool you, it’s got tons going on inside! Our owner, Carol Rozek, swears by the trainers and equipment at this gym, and is over there several times a week for personal training, cardio, or an instructional event. If you run into her there, make sure to say hello!

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Ciopinno House

A wonderful little Pleasant Hill gem serving sophisticated Italian food and fresh fish in a quiet, cozy setting. We heartily recommend their crème brûlée, it’s addicting!

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Greenhill Fence & Construction

The good people at Greenhill built the sturdy fence around our two-acre property, making sure your dogs are safely contained when they come here to frolic. Need a fence? This is the place.

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Noelle Dass

Local artist Noelle creates wonderful, whimsical pet-related art. T-shirts, murals, pet portraits, she has it all.

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Action Signs

Have you seen our sign? Big, wooden, pretty thing right by the driveway. Well, this is where we got it and Action also produces banners, window and vehicle lettering, brochures, stickers, decals, and much more.

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Professional Associations


The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior supports veterinarians that treat animal behavior problems. Check out their articles on animal behavior and position statements on puppy socialization, the myth of dominance in dog training, and against using punishment methods.

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The Association of Professional Dog Trainers, dedicated to helping dog trainers improve through education and commitment to ethical conduct.

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Karen Pryor Academy

Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior (KPA) teaches positive-reinforcement animal training with innovative programs designed for both aspiring and experienced trainers.

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