COVID-19 Response

We know this is an extremely difficult time, and we hope everyone is staying healthy, safe and sane!

Although we’ve always prioritized the health and safety of our clients and staff, we have implemented changes to address this unprecedented situation. Here are the steps we’re taking in our ongoing effort to operate our facility as safely as possible:

  • We’ve ramped up what was already a very thorough cleaning and disinfecting protocol. We’ve now taken our normal intensive routine, including our diligent hand-washing and sanitizing practices, and intensified it to include cleaning all areas more often, paying special attention to frequently touched items (we’re looking at you, door handles and light switches!)
  • Social distancing is very easy for us to enforce and maintain. As a small facility, we have always had no more than 2-3 staff on the property at any one time, plus we have a large outdoor yard, so we’ve kind of been unknowingly social distancing most of the time, anyway!
  • We are now only doing “curbside” drop-offs and pick-ups. When you arrive, you can just ring the doorbell and a member of our staff will be out to greet you (with sanitized hands, of course!).
  • We are no longer allowing dogs’ own leashes and collars into the facility. A member of our staff will meet you outside with one of our own clean and disinfected leashes, and we’ll walk your dog both in and back out of the facility using our personal leashes.
  • We are limiting the items clients can bring with them for daycare and boarding. Food is of course still allowed, but other items should please stay at home. We have plenty of blankets and bedding to go around, and we have more than enough toys for both playtime and downtime!
  • We are also more than happy to give baths, so please feel free to request one! (Fees are based on size of dog and coat length, just ask any staff member about pricing and they’ll be happy to help.)
  • We are of course monitoring the health (both physical and mental) of our staff. All of our employees know not only what symptoms to watch for, but to call out sick if they feel even the slightest bit under the weather, or if they experience any discomfort or hesitation about coming to work. We are also reading a ton (as I’m sure you all are, as well!) and keeping up-to-date on information from the CDC, WHO, and other reputable sources.

If you’re interested in bringing your dog, but you’d like us to employ certain measures to make you feel safer, we are 100% more than happy to accommodate requests.

What we want to emphasize above all else is that we are indeed all in this together! We know that sentiment might be an annoying cliche at this point, but it’s true. This is a very uncertain and increasingly intense time for us all, so support and kindness are crucial now more than ever. Our community, state, nation and world will rebound, and we will help each other pick up the pieces on the other side. We will get through this!