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Professional, Compassionate and Effective Dog Training

We just completed several individual training sessions with Carol and would like to share our experience.

We sought a dog training referral from our vet – Dr. Fricke at McKenzie Animal Hospital – for our 3-year old rescue Kelpie named Shelby.  Shelby had been with us for 10 months when we started working with Carol in January 2013, and although wonderfully affectionate and playful, she exhibited bad dog manners when meeting other dogs on walks, and barked endlessly in the car as well as in our home.

Our first visit to Opportunity Barks indicated a wonderfully clean, warm facility on 2 acres designed with dog safety and needs in mind.  From a fenced walking area, to an indoor observation/training room, every detail reflected a professional approach based on solid knowledge of dog behavior.  During our first visit, Carol was wonderfully observant, positive in approach, and provided a calm, measured intervention approach that immediately yielded some positive gains.

Subsequent visits accelerated remarkably improved Shelby dog behaviors reflected in learning to stay calm when meeting other dogs or people on public walks, decreasing unwanted barking, and much improved car behavior/safety by learning to remain in the back seat during car trips.

Our work with Carol culminated with a home visit focused on some finishing tips for greeting guests, and effective intervention when Shelby – a very protective dog – is startled by noises outside our home.  We were simply amazed with the results of our work with Carol, and highly recommend her to anyone seeking professional, compassionate, and effective dog training.  (We really think she trained us to train Shelby.)

Janet Madrone, Don Nahnsen and Shelby Dog, Eugene, OR

Service Above and Beyond

Just wanted you to know how much we appreciated your fine service while we were on vacation and our beloved dog, Pearl, was being boarded at Opportunity Barks.  We all knew Pearl’s eye issue could be a problem while we were gone, as the initial surgery was fairly recently completed.  But we felt we had to leave on vacation as our travel plans and prepayment had been in place for several months.

We were not surprised to get the phone call that you had taken Pearl to our vet’s office because her eye issue had erupted.  We certainly appreciated your willingness to take her back to your facility and isolate her, and then take her back to the vet the next morning for surgery, and then go back and pick her up and once again watch over her carefully until we arrived home two days later.  And then you presented us with an adjusted bill when we got back, backing out charges for the day she spent in surgery and recovery.  Actually we were more than appreciative, we were astounded.

Thank you for your fine service and care for the dogs in your care.  Bravo!

Needless to say we are big fans of Opportunity Barks as an excellent source of dog day care and boarding in the Eugene Springfield area.

Christina and Ron Friberg, Eugene, OR

Honey Bee and Rio Say Thank You.  Bark!  Bark!

Michael and I are pleased that we found you on the Internet.  The classes have been perfect for Rio and Honey Bee and you two have been so helpful.  Your personalities are perfect for what you are doing.  Thank you for your kindness to us and our dogs and your straightforward answers to our questions.

The little dogs have had a good experience at the classes and have grown from being there and from what we took home to keep teaching them.  We have the overview and basics to use from now on.  I know we will be thinking of you as we use the principles in your teaching.  You and the classes were fun.

Michael and Jeanne Hinojosa, Drain, OR

Care of Leo

Following Leo’s extended “BCS” stay with you we felt it important for everyone at Opportunity Barks to know that we believe that your care of Leo during our absence is an extension of our love and care for him. We appreciate the manner in which you provide that care to all dogs within your attention. We hope that others with dogs in their family will learn how different Opportunity Barks is from the average, typical, kennel operations. We are confident that when we leave Leo in your charge that he is treated with respect and discipline and, most importantly, with affection. Knowing that Leo is in the company of other dogs or you the majority of waking hours also helps us with our separation anxiety. Please let us know how we may further sing your praises.

Diana and Steve Cornacchia, Springfield, OR

Services for El Rico

Carol and Sonya at Opportunity Barks are among Rico’s best friends. I appreciate the kind attention that you give to Rico when he is in your care. You have given me confidence that he will be well taken care of during the several times that I have boarded him. I appreciate the updates on his activities when I have checked in during my travels. Rico also loves the doggy daycare program that you provide. I love that he gets to run and exhaust his energy in a large fenced grass field with his doggy friends. Thank you for the love that you show to all your doggy guests.

William Roberts, Springfield, OR

Gibson – One Happy Dog!

We just wanted to tell you what fun Gibson had staying with you this week. It was wonderful to go away knowing that not only would he be well-cared for but that he would be loved and nurtured as well. The kids were so worried about being away from him but they have said many times to me that they can tell he had a good time with you! We had a great mini-vacation and it was even more fun because we knew Gibson was in the best of hands. Thank you for showering him with love and affection. You are the best!

Amy Daniel, Pleasant Hill, OR

Dogs Happy at Play

I am still feeling inward smiles thinking of the sweet ways in which the five big dogs played together today at Sunday canine social hour. Just like dogs should play: happy, free, spontaneous, supervised but on their own, and to exhaustion! Thank goodness for Opportunity Barks, because I don’t know where else Chuck would be getting this great socializing experience. Certainly not at the dog park!

Ken Neubeck, Eugene, OR

She loved it!

I met a couple of wonderful women at the dog park a few months ago who were opening a daycare/boarding place for dogs. I have taken my dog there three times – to check it out, to play, and to board overnight. She loved it, and for the first time, I felt I didn’t have to worry about whether she was safe, well cared for, and HAPPY while I was away. She mopes at home if she is left behind for a couple of hours, so I was concerned.

There was no need! Opportunity Barks, in Pleasant Hill is a great place, and I’d recommend it to anyone who is looking for an absolutely great place to board their dog while they are out of town.

Cheryl Moore, Eugene, OR

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kenzie thanks you and we thank you for all your love, dedication and care. You both are incredible and please know that you are so appreciated. It takes special individuals to understand the love for another person’s pet and you deserve the “Academy Award” for Best Animal Provider, Love of Animals and Insight to their Needs. Please take a bow. You have no idea how much it meant to me that Kenzie was with both of you. Kenzie knows how much you love her and so do I. Again thank you sooooooo much!

Cathy Buck, Vida, OR

Standing Ovation!

I searched areas from Monroe to Pleasant Hill for the best place to entrust the care and training of my precious Yorkie, Sadie Sue. I wanted a secure place; it needed to be very clean and well-staffed. I wanted a place for Sadie Sue to have and to have fun, with a focus on training. I found that and so much more at Opportunity Barks!

Carol continues to help me become a better dog owner through bi-monthly private lessons…. I appreciate how patient Carol is when teaching me to be the one in control and not Sadie Sue.

It warms my heart to watch Sadie’s excitement when she sees the staff and to see the joy in the faces of the staff when they see her. It is definitely worth the drive to Pleasant Hill for Sadie Sue’s doggie play days. Opportunity Barks is professionally-run  but based in pure love for the animals. It takes special individuals to do this type of work. I don’t have any worries about whether Sadie Sue is safe, well cared for, and happy while she is away from me. Carol and her staff deserve a standing ovation for a job well done

Sharon Brumbley, Eugene, OR

Thank you!

Thank you for helping Abby and me complete Puppy Start Right Preschool. We learned a lot and had fun! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience in such a caring and thoughtful manner. It’s a great comfort and relief as a new puppy owner to know there’s such a great resource like you and Opportunity barks nearby. Will look forward to future classes!

Julie M., Eugene, OR

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