Pet Sitting

Maybe boarding isn’t the right option for you and you’d feel more comfortable having your pets stay in your own home while you travel. Here are several options if you’d prefer a pet-sitter while¬†you’re away:

Nurtured Paws Eugene

The ladies at Nurtured Paws Eugene are fabulous! And they will watch not only dogs but a variety of animals, as well. Even if you’re not looking for pet-sitting, they can also just stop by to walk your dog and/or play with them during the day. We have several clients who use them and have nothing but great things to say!
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This website offers a variety of caregivers, for both pet-sitting and dog-walking services, for you to scroll through and decide on your best match. If you’re not comfortable having someone stay in your home while you’re gone, many pet-sitters offer the option of having your pet stay with them, instead. It’s a super easy-to-use tool and very helpful in finding local caregivers who fit your needs.
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Staff Member Ayla Martin

While Opportunity Barks does not offer official pet-sitting services, one of our employees, Ayla, does offer pet-sitting independently. She is Pet First Aid and CPR certified, and has years of experience working with animals as well as pet-sitting. Get in touch with her to see if she is the right fit for you and your dog!

Ayla Martin (learn more about her in our About Us section)

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