Dog. Polite. Happy. Healthy.

Does your dog jump, pull on the leash or growl at other dogs? Are you concerned about leaving your dog at home all day, or having to travel without your pets? We've got you covered.

Opportunity Barks is a state-of-the-art dog training, daycare and boarding facility. We have two acres of peaceful countryside where your dog can come and learn great manners, go to daycare with his friends, or have a little vacation while you travel.

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dog training

  • Relief from behavior problems
  • Puppy training & socialization
  • Private lessons, day training and classes
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dog daycare

  • Play, fun and exercise
  • Best daytime activity for dogs
  • Safe, clean and supervised by professionals
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dog boarding

  • Complete, home-like care
  • Exercise and playtime
  • Clean and comfy suites
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Opportunity Barks is a state-of-the-art dog training, dog daycare, and dog boarding facility serving Pleasant Hill, Eugene, Springfield, Dexter, Jasper, Fall Creek, Creswell, Cottage Grove, and surrounding areas. We have two acres of countryside where your dog can come and learn great manners, go to daycare with friends, or have a little vacation while you travel.our services

Class Graduates

Congratulations to our recent graduates!!

Puppy Preschool: Ruger with Brandi, Kasey & Kyler Guard, Amber with Carmaleta Auferhiede, Lia with Beverly, and Zeus with John & Deborah Larson

Good teamwork everyone!

Group Classes
See Training Classes page for details and registration.

Refresher Training!

Has your dog been through a training class years ago, and some of their skills are getting rusty? Are you beyond busy and don’t have the time to keep up with foundation training at home? Well, we can help!  We are pleased to announce a new service: Refresher Training. This tailored training offers your dog more mental stimulation during the day while also enforcing the idea that your cues work outside your home. You can get back on track to having a well-mannered dog!
Your dog will receive individualized attention during their daycare day or boarding stay for 15 to 20-minute long sessions, to work on cues that your dog has already learned but need refreshing. These cues can be for behaviors such as polite leash walking, come, wait, stay, sit for greetings, etc. This service is open to daycare dogs and boarders alike. The cost per session is $15 for daycare members and $25 for non-daycare members.

Online booking is now available for boarding reservations and training classes! Just head on over to either the Services, Boarding, or Training Classes page, and click on the “Book Online” button to get started. You can also use the “Book Now” button located on our Facebook page. We hope this will streamline the appointment booking process and make it more convenient all around.

The Rainbow Bridge


One of the hardest things we ever have to do is say goodbye, and recently we had to say farewell to a truly remarkable dog. Bella Campbell crossed the bridge a couple of weeks ago, a few months shy of her 6th birthday. I know we can be very liberal with the term “sweetheart” when describing our dogs, but she really was one of the purely sweetest dogs to ever come through our door. Very timid initially, her first boarding visit was spent trying to figure out if she could trust us, and how to adapt to this new environment. But as she continued to board, she loosened up, began to love hugs and attention, and became quite a character in her own right.

One of her favorite companions was a little Corgi named Zoe, and we have pictures of them chasing and playing; an enormous and welcome difference compared to Day One! She never, ever got into any fights, and she made our job incredibly easy by being one of our best behaved kiddos. Sometimes she wouldn’t board for long periods of time, so whenever we received notice she was scheduled to pay us a visit, we were    always beyond excited to be reunited with her.

The fact that this amazing dog had to leave us so young is heartbreaking, and we will never forget the once shy girl who grew into a playful and lovable member of our Opportunity Barks family. She will be greatly missed.